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The Pillars of Praxis reflect our mission to equip faithful ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through continued formation, encouragement, and education. They guide the content we produce, the events we facilitate, and the partnerships we form.

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Biblical Justice

What does the Bible say about justice? What role should the Church play in seeing God's justice at work in the world? The Pillar of Biblical Justice seeks to answer these questions. Topics include racial reconciliation, creation care, gender equality, and more. The way of the cross calls us to humble ourselves and uplift our neighbor. Explore the call.

Spiritual Formation

Being formed by and filled with the Holy Spirit is vital for healthy ministry. The Pillar of Spiritual Formation focuses on providing resources for creating practices of spiritual formation that will renew your spirit. These practices include both individual formation and communal formation. Come and rest in God's presence.

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Missional Church Test.png
Missional Church

Every church has been planted by God to bear fruit in its context. The Pillar of Missional Church explores how the church participates in the mission of God in the world. Topics include evangelism, church planting, community engagement, and service. Discover what it means to be part of what God is doing in the world.

Ecclesial Leadership

Leadership requires constant growth and development in a changing world. The Pillar of Ecclesial Leadership facilitates that growth by providing resources on preaching, worship, discipleship, and administration. Whether you are a pastor or a lay leader, Praxis can help you develop your leadership skills.

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Wesleyan-Holiness Tradition Test.png
Wesleyan-Holiness Tradition

What does it mean to be a part of the Wesleyan-Holiness Tradition? What does our theology mean for ministry? How does our story shape our present and our future? The Pillar of Wesleyan-Holiness Tradition represents the conviction that there is much that can be learned and applied from the theology and history of our tradition. Embrace tradition and discover its application in your context.

Faithful Interpretation

Scripture and ministry go hand in hand. Therefore, it is important for our interpretation of Scripture to be careful and faithful. Learn more about how to exegete and apply Scripture in the Wesleyan tradition under the Pillar of Faithful interpretation, discovering how to read and be read by Scripture.

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