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The Mission of Nazarene Theological Seminary is to form faithful and effective ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to participate in the reconciling of the world to God. It is a mission that extends beyond the classroom to include lifelong learning among our constituent groups ministering in the 21st Century through the lens of our Wesleyan theological tradition. 
Under the leadership of Dr. Jesse Middendorf and Rev. Dana Preusch, the Center for Pastoral Leadership has provided thousands of hours of lifelong learning through lectureships, faculty teaching, online seminars, video resources, and conferences, all in support of Nazarene clergy in the USA/Canada region and around the world.  
As the world is changing, so too are the tools and resources needed to meet those challenges. While we know that nothing is more critical than the guidance of the Holy Spirit, research finds that engaging in lifelong learning is key to the health and well-being of pastors, lay leaders, and the churches they serve.
NTS is relaunching the Center for Pastoral Leadership under the name "Praxis." Praxis describes the dynamic relationship between theology and ministry, each informing the other. We hope to help enrich our praxis by strengthening the partnership of local ministries in dialog with the rich theological resource of the seminary.

David Sharpes
Rev. Dr. David Sharpes

Praxis Director

Deborah Mitchell
Deborah Mitchell

Administrative Assistant

quinn-north-nazarene-theological-seminary-web (1).jpg
Quinn North

Communications Specialist

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