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Imagine a partnership

A Praxis Partnership is where NTS meets your unique context to create something new.

Imagine how the seminary can learn from your organization's work, come to understand the challenges you face, and collaborate toward excellence in faithful and effective ministry.

Praxis Partnerships have generated rich, life-changing experiences for pastors, laypeople, districts, and organizations. These have included conferences, seminars, discussion forums, strategic planning sessions and endowed lectureships. Some topics have included such vital topics as holiness, evangelism, finances, and spiritual formation. Praxis Partnerships can be in-person or virtual, and can produce valuable video or print resources.

To explore a Praxis Partnership, contact NTS Praxis Director, Rev. Dr. David Sharpes at 816.268.5482 or

What might a Praxis Partnership mean in your context?


Dr. Ron Benefiel participates in a discussion forum in Phoenix, AZ.

Dr. Roger Hahn leads a Theology of Holiness conference in Puerto Rico.

Dr. Willie Jennings speaks at the Grider-Wingett Lectures in Theology.

Your Praxis Partners

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